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アウトバックでヒレステーキ/Rib Eye Steak at Outback

I went to try rib eye steak, which was too expensive to have in Japan, at the Outback Steakhouse in Waikiki. The weight of meat and the amount of juice were expressed in ounce in the U. S. I needed to convert from ounce to gram in my brain before placing an order. One ounce is equivalent to about 30 grams. I ordered 12 ounce of meat, which was equivalent to 360 grams. A waitress asked me if I added cheese on steak or not. I answered, "Yes, please."

Bread and Saladまずは、こんな感じで、パンとサラダが来ました。
First of all, bread and salad were served.

Rib Eye Steak次に、いよいよステーキ登場。ん?何だ、ステーキの上の青いのは?と思ってよく見ると、トッピングはブルーチーズでした。ブルーチーズをのせたステーキなんて初めてです。でもブルーチーズのおかげで味は結構濃くなりますね。付け合わせには、ブロッコリー、ニンジン、レモンがありました。結局、ビールも頼んで、チップも入れて40ドルくらいでした。
Then steak came. I wondered what the blue one on steak was. I stared at the blue one, and then I got to know it was blue cheese. Steak with blue cheese was my first experience. Blue cheese made the taste of steak richer. Broccoli, carrot and lemon were added to steak. The total sum including beer and service came to about 40 dollars.

19 November 2004

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