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チン州の旅(1)/Travel to Chin State (1)

From Kalaymyo to Haka

I introduce you Chin State that no guidebook of Myanmar wrote about. Chin State is located northwest of Myanmar. Basically you need a permission to go there from the Myanmar government.

Myanmar Airwaysチン州には定期便の飛行機が飛んでいないので、ヤンゴン(RGN)からマンダレー(MDL)経由でチン州へのゲートウェーとなるザガイン管区のカレーミョ(KMV)まで飛行機で行きました。ミャンマー航空(UB)は機体が古いのであまり乗りたくありませんでしたが、他に選択肢がありません。
There was no regular service to fly to Chin State. So, I flew to Kalaymyo (KMV) in Sagain Division, which was a gateway to Chin State, from Yangon (RGN) via Mandalay (MDL). I did not like to take Myanmar Airways (UB) because their fleets were old, but there was no other choice.

Kalaymyo Airportカレーミョ空港です。
The photo shows the Kalaymyo Airport.

Chin Cuisine車でチン州に入り、途中で昼食をとりました。チンの料理は、ミャンマー料理よりも中華料理に似ているような気がしました。
Then I entered Chin State by car. I had lunch on the way. I thought Chin cuisine was similar to Chinese one rather than Myanmar one.

Chin Fruit食事の後、変わった果物を発見。名前を聞くのを忘れてしまいました。
After lunch I found strange fruits. Unfortunately I forgot to ask its name.

I arrived in Haka, which was a town situated in a very mountainous area. A church can be seen at a little bit right from the center of the photo. Most people are Christian in this area.

28 October 2004

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