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NH953とTG684で成田からバンコク経由ハノイへ/From Narita to Hanoi via Bangkok by NH953 and TG684

I decided to go to Hanoi, Vietnam from Narita via Bangkok. There was a direct flight for Hanoi operated by JAL. But the direct flight would arrive in Hanoi midnight on Monday. So, I decided to leave Narita for Hanoi via Bangkok in the morning though it would take longer time than the direct flight would. I would arrive in Hanoi at 19:30.

signet Narita 1搭乗ゲートはD93でサテライトだったので、サテライト側のsignetを利用しました。
The boarding gate was D93 at the satellite. So, I went to the signet lounge in the satellite.

signet Narita 2signetでは日本テレコムBBモバイルポイントが使えますが、最近全国のかなりの数のマクドナルドでも使えるようになったので、Yahoo! BBのオプションの公衆無線LANを申し込みました。1ヶ月304円で使い放題なので安いと言えば安いです。そのような訳で、今回は前回とは違ってほとんど苦労なく接続できました。
At the signet a wireless LAN (WiFi) of the BB mobile point offered by Japan Telecom was available. Now the BB mobile point is available in a lot of McDonald's in Japan. So, I decided to apply an option service of wireless LAN offered by Yahoo! Japan BB, which cost only 304 yen per month. That was why I could access to the Internet very easily there this time.

The fleet of NH953 was B777-200. I had Sapporo Beer followed by white wine.

The meal was chicken rice or shrimp and scallop with American sauce. I chose the latter. It had broccoli and macaroni besides shrimp and scallop, bread, smoked salmon and potato salad, and chocolate cake.


After the meal, I took red wine and whisky with ice and water. Finally orange ice cream was served. After I enjoyed the meal and beverages, I selected a sound channel to listen to the Premium Nature Sound with Bose QuietComfort 2. This month’s Premium Nature Sound was entitled "By the Fireplace." Snappy sounds made me sleep deeply.


Royal Orchid Lounge 1Royal Orchid Lounge 2TrueWiFi at Bangkok Airport

バンコクでの乗り継ぎの待ち時間はピア1とピア2の間にあるロイヤルオーキッドラウンジに行きました。ここはバンコク・ドン・ムアン国際空港にあるタイ航空の3つあるラウンジのうち一番広いラウンジです。True WiFiの無線LANが無料で使えます。
During the transit in Bangkok I stayed at the Royal Orchid Lounge located between Pier 1 and 2 in the Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport. This lounge was the largest one of three. True WiFi was available free of charge there.

The boarding gate for TG684 was no. 25. The fleet was A300-600. The seat configuration of the economy class was 2-4-2. The meal was noodle, stir-fried beef with vegetables and a green vegetable for the main dish added with tuna salad and cake. The meal was good. But vibrations from engines attacked me every two seconds in this fleet.

19 December 2005

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