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ギャラクシーホテル(ハノイ)/Galaxy Hotel in Hanoi

Lonely Planet Vietnam, p. 97
Galaxy Hotel
1 Phan Dinh Phung, Hanoi, VIETNAM
Phone: +84-4-8282888
Fax: +84-4-8282466

Galaxy Hotel 1Park Near Galaxy Hotel1918年に英国人によって建てられたハノイ旧市街にあるヨーロッパ風の建物のホテルです。目の前には公園があり、ドンスアン市場も近くにあります。アップルワールドで1泊4,800円でとれました。
The building of this hotel was originally built by a British in 1918. It was situated in the old quarter of Hanoi. There was a park in front of the hotel. Dong Xuan Market was situated near there. I could book a single room at 4,800 yen per night.

Galaxy Hotel 2Galaxy Hotel 3Galaxy Hotel 4

The bedroom was equipped with a double bed, a table and chairs, TV, security box and so on.

Galaxy Hotel 5Galaxy Hotel 6冷蔵庫には自分で買ったものを入れるスペースがありました。コンセントは、A、B、C兼用なので日本のプラグも差せますが、電圧は220Vです。
There was space enough to store cans that you bought in the refrigerator. The outlets could accept plugs of A, B and C types. The voltage was 220V.

Galaxy Hotel 7Galaxy Hotel 8Galaxy Hotel 9バスルームは、シャワールームとバスが独立しており、部屋の広さや応接セットがあることを考えあわせると、1泊4,800円はかなりコストパフォーマンスが高いと思います。
The bathroom was equipped with a bath and a separate shower room. I think the room of this hotel was beneficial for the price taking the area of the room and the equipments into account.

19-21 December 2005

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