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NH911で成田から香港へ/From Narita to Hong Kong by NH911

This was a travel from Narita to Mongolia via Hong Kong. I purchased round-trip air tickets between Narita and Hong Kong. I would move from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by a ferry named TurboJet. Then I would fly from Shenzhen to Ulaanbaatar via Shanghai and Beijing and would fly back from Ulaanbaatar to Guangzhou via Beijing by business class tickets of Air China (CA) awarded by NH in exchange of earned 40,000 miles. After that I would move from Guangzhou to Macau by bus. Finally I would take a TurboJet from Macau to the Hong Kong International Airport and a flight from Hong Kong to Narita.

NH Check-in 1まずは成田空港へ行く電車の中で携帯を使ってスマートeチェックインをしました。これで200マイルゲットです(笑)。
I made an e-check-in by my mobile phone on the way to the Narita Airport. I could earn 200 miles of NH by the Smart-e Check-in procedure.

NH Check-in 2NH Check-in 3預ける荷物がないので自動チェックイン機を利用しました。ラウンジのインビテーションカードはどうなるのかなあと思いましたが、機械からちゃんと出てきました。チェックイン手続き自体は1分もかかっていません。すぐれものです。
I went to an automatic check-in machine directly because I had no baggage to be checked in. I worried whether an invitation card to lounge would be issued or not. But it was issued properly. The procedure for the check-in took less than one minute. I like it very much.

signet Lounge Narita Satellite今回もサテライトでしたので、サテライトのsignetを利用しました。
The gate of my flight was at the satellite. So, I went to the signet at the satellite.

NH911 DinnerNH911の機内食は、メインディッシュがハンバーグとライス、パン、うどん、サラダでした。
The meal served in NH911 was hamburger and rice for the main dish, bread, udon noodle and salad.

Gin Tonic食後に、ジントニックを頼みました。
I had gin tonic after the meal.

Scotch with SodaBrandy with Sodaなぜか炭酸系が欲しくなってしまい、スコッチのソーダ割りとブランディーのソーダ割りを頼んでしまいました。
I really wanted some carbonated drink at that time. I had Scotch with soda and brandy with soda.

Octopus Card 1Octopus Card 2さてさて、香港に着いたら、ハーバープラザメトロポリス地球の歩き方香港/マカオp.339)に行くために何とかKCRの紅磡駅(地球の歩き方香港/マカオp.148-150)までたどり着かなくてはいけません。まずは香港内の公共交通機関ならこの一枚でほとんど乗れるオクトパスカード(八達通)地球の歩き方香港/マカオp.50)を購入しました。HK$150で、そのうちデポジットがHK$50です。このカードは非接触型のカードで、香港のマツキヨ、ワトソンズ(屈巨氏)などでも使えます。
I arrived at Hong Kong. I had to get to the KCR Hung Hom Station (Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, pp. 104-105) to stay in the Harbour Plaza Metropolis (Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, p. 283). First of all, I purchased the Octopus Card (Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, p. 339), with which you can take almost all public transportation in Hong Kong. It cost HK$150 including a deposit of HK$50. The card is a contactless one that can be used also at a pharmacy Watsons and other shops in Hong Kong.

Bus Information HKIAA21 Bus事前にリサーチしておいたKCR紅磡駅行きのA21番バス(地球の歩き方香港/マカオp.46)に乗るためにまず乗り場をチェックしました。その後乗り場へ直行。A21番バスは2階建てバスで、ちゃんと待っていました。もちろんオクトパスカードを使って乗車です。こうして、何とかホテルにたどり着きました。
I looked for the location of the bus stop for A21 line that was going to KCR Hung Hom Station (Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, p. 333). Then I went to the bus stop for A21. The bus was double-decker and waiting there. I paid the bus fee with the Octopus Card at getting on the bus. Finally I could get to my hotel.

22 December 2005

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