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ハーバープラザメトロポリス(都會海逸酒店)(香港)/Harbour Plaza Metropolis in Hong Kong

Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, p. 283


Harbour Plaza Metropolis 1Harbour Plaza Metropolis 2Metropolis Mall

The Harbour Plaza Metropolis is located in the Metropolis Mall in front of KCR Hung Hom Station (Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, pp. 104-105). The Metropolis Mall is a big shopping mall that is connected to KCR Hung Hom Station with a pedestrian overpass.

Harbour Plaza Metropolis Bedroomベッドはダブルベッドでした。
The bed was double-sized.

Harbour Plaza Metropolis Bathroom 1Harbour Plaza Metropolis Bathroom 2Harbour Plaza Metropolis Bathroom 3バスルームは、このクラスのホテルにしては珍しくバスタブがなくシャワールームだけでした。まあ、小職はシャワールームで十分なんですがね。
There was not a bathtub but a shower room only in the bathroom. But the shower room was enough for me.

Harbour Plaza Metropolis Deskコンセントはワールドワイドコンセントアダプタが装備されており、日本のコンセントも差せます。ブロードバンドのサービスがありましたが利用しませんでした。
The outlet could accept all the types of plugs through the adapter. They had a LAN service but I did not use it.

KCR Hung HomKCR Hung Hom-MetropolisMetropolis

These photos show KCR Hung Hom Station and the Metropolis Mall. From KCR Hung Hom Station you can go to KCR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station connected to MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, KCR Lo Wu Station near the border to Shenzhen, China, and Guangzhou, China by the Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train (Lonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau, pp. 336-337 and 348-349). KCR Hung Hom Station is also a bus terminal. It is a very convenient place for transportation in Hong Kong.

23 December 2005

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