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ターボジェットとCA1361で香港から深セン経由上海へ(2)/From Hong Kong to Shanghai via Shenzhen by TurboJet and CA1361 (2)

SZX Airportターボジェットで香港から福永港まで来て、無料バスで深セン宝安国際空港まで来ました(前回記事参照)。空港はなかなかモダンな建物です。
I sailed from Hong Kong to the Fu Yong Harbor by TurboJet followed by moving to the Shenzhen Boan International Airport by free shuttle bus (Refer to the previous article). The photo shows the airport.

SZX Business Lounge 1SZX Business Lounge 2さて、ここからはビジネスクラスの特典航空券ですので、ラウンジが使えます。中国国際航空の国内線ラウンジです。時間も遅かったせいかガラガラでした。
I could enter the business-class lounge because I had an awarded ticket of the business class. The photos show Air China's lounge in the domestic terminal. It was not crowded probably because it was late.

SZX Business Lounge 3SZX Business Lounge 4SZX Business Lounge 5

There were chilled drinks, sausages and other foods, coffee and snacks in the lounge.

SZX Business Lounge 6インターネットコーナーもありました。
They had an Internet corner.

SZX Business Lounge 7深センと言えば、キングウェイ(金威)ビールです。
Kingway Beer is famous in Shenzhen.

The fleet of CA1361 for Shanghai Pudong was B777-200. The configuration of the business class was 2-3-2. The meal was dim sum, fruits and a cake.

Then I went from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Hilton Shanghai by taxi. It cost RMB183.

23 December 2005

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