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SQ176でシンガポールからハノイへ/From Singapore to Hanoi by SQ176

SQ176 1SQ176 2この日はシンガポールからベトナムのハノイへ移動する日です。席はビジネスだったので、取り合えずシンガポール航空のラッフルズクラスのラウンジでくつろぎます。
I would move from Singapore to Hanoi, Vietnam on that day. As my seat was the business, I enjoyed staying at the Raffle Class Lounge of the Singapore Airlines at Singapore.

SQ176 3まずは着席後のシャンパンですね。格別です。
I had champagne after I had been seated. It was great.

SQ176 4SQ176 5機内食は、まずは前菜のシーフードに、メインの牛肉をいただきました。大変美味しかったです。
I had seafood followed by stir-fried beef as a main dish. They were very nice.

SQ176 6SQ176 7その後、チーズ盛り合わせに、チェリーアイスクリームでした。
And then they served a set of assorted cheeses followed by cherry ice cream.

I think they offered a good service for a relatively short distance.

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12 March 2006

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