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CX790とNH910でハノイから香港経由成田へ/From Hanoi to Narita via Hong Kong by CX790 and NH910

I left Hanoi for Japan. There was a direct flight of JL from Hanoi to Narita. But it would depart midnight. So, I chose flights departing from Hanoi in the morning and arriving at Narita at night though a transfer at Hong Kong was needed.

Hanoi Noi Bai Airport 1ハノイ・ノイバイ国際空港です。
This photo shows the Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport.

Hanoi Noi Bai Airport 2Hanoi Noi Bai Airport 3搭乗手続き後、出国手続きの前に、ここで空港使用料を支払います。14米ドルもしくは222,880ドンでした(地球の歩き方ベトナムp.208,328)。ここで払わないとどういうことになるかというと、出国手続きの後に空港使用料の領収証をチェックする人がいて、領収証がなければ戻って払ってくるように言われます。出国してしまったのにですよ。まあ、何とかなるらしいですが。ハノイ国際空港での出国手続きをまとめると、搭乗手続き→空港使用料支払い→出国手続き→空港使用料領収証提示→セキュリティーチェックという順番になります。
You have to pay the passenger service charge there after the check-in before the passport control. The charge was US$14 or 222,880 dong (Lonely Planet Vietnam, p. 469). If you forgot to pay the charge, you would see an officer in charge of checking the receipt of the charge after the passport control and he would tell you to go back to the counter for the passenger service charge to pay it. To summarize the embarkation procedures, I recommend you proceed to the check-in, the counter for the passenger service charge, the passport control, presentation of the receipt of the charge and the security check in this order.

CX790 flying from Hanoi to Hong Kong was operated by the Vietnam Airlines. With this flight you cannot earn the miles of JL but can earn the miles of the Asia Miles. The boarding gate was No. 2. The fleet was A321 and its configuration of the economy class was 3-3. The meal was fried pork in Southern European style, macaroni and green vegetable for the main dish, bread, salad and cake.

Plaza Premium Lounge at HKG 1Plaza Premium Lounge at HKG 2香港では乗り継ぎの時間があまりありませんでしたが、ANAのインビテーション指定のラウンジであるPlaza Premium Loungeに行きました。奥はANA専用エリアになっています。
Though I had a very short time for transit at Hong Kong, I went to the Plaza Premium Lounge with an invitation from NH. A part of the lounge was exclusively for NH passengers.

NH910 Suntory Premium MaltsNH910 Dinner香港発成田行きのNH910の機材はB747-400でした。まずは、サントリープレミアムモルツを頼みました。食事は、メインディッシュが魚と野菜の中華風にご飯、ハム、スモークサーモン、ポテトサラダなどのオードブル、クロワッサン、そばというメニューでした。
The fleet of NH910 departing from Hong Kong for Narita was B747-400. First of all I ordered Suntory's Premium Malt's. The meal was fried fish and vegetable in Chinese style with rice for the main dish, ham, smoked salmon, potato salad, croissant and soba noodle.

21 December 2005

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